Jane Eyre's Childhood as a Precedent for All the Trouble Essay

Jane Eyre's Childhood as a Precedent for All the Trouble Essay

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Jane Eyre's Childhood as a Precedent for All the Trouble

Jane Eyre's literary success of the time has been cheaply commercialized. In other words, Bronte's novel never got the appreciation it deserved, in the areas it deserved. Many 19th century critics merely assigned literary themes to their reviews to "get it over with". Critics commended Jane Eyre for everything from its themes to its form. However, their surface examinations amount to nothing without careful consideration of the deeper underlying background in Jane's life where their hasty principles originate. The widely discussed free will of Jane's, her strong individuality, and independence are segments of a greater scheme, her life. For example: Jane's childhood serves as the most important precedent for all of the self-realism although this purpose is widely disregarded. Even though "many have celebrated Bronte's carefully wrought description of her protagonist's first eighteen years for its vivid pathos, no one has as yet accorded this childhood its deserved weight in the novels ultimate resolution." (Ashe 1) Jane Eyre's genius develops in a series of internal reactions to external circumstances rather than shallow judgments about those internal happenings.
The external circumstance is Jane's childhood while the internal happenings are Jane's emotional struggles. These emotions later become labeled as themes of "reason", "passion" or "maturation". However these emotions do not merely stand by themselves. Jane Eyre is about dealing and reacting to fate and her actions in the face of unchangeable circumstances. Jane's fate consisted of her disaster of a childhood. "From the vantage of modern child psychology Jane's background-ten years spent...

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...e" (11)
To finalize my point about Charlotte Bronte's intent in describing Jane Eyre, the parallels between Bronte's life and her character Jane need to be examined. Bronte herself experienced "a period of depression and ill health" (Rollyson 5) Bronte was known to feel "keenly the solitude of her existence." (25) "The most basic facts of Bronte's life reveal a history of loss of guile similar to Jane's" (26) The name that Jane Eyre was originally published under was "An Autobiography". From this one can deduce that Bronte cared to make more than a surface feministic point in her book.

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