Essay about Jane Austen 's Style Of Writing

Essay about Jane Austen 's Style Of Writing

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Jane Austen was a stellar English author. Though she only wrote six novels, her unique and effective style of writing was evident to all who read her works. The elements used by Austen are still relevant in today’s day and age. Austen’s stories are full of allusions to geography, history, literature, philosophy, and mythology. Her novels are full of themes pertaining to love, marriage, and society fitting in to the genre of romantic fiction. All of her stories take place in nineteenth century England. Austen maintains a tone of irony and sympathy throughout her literary works making them seem, to an extent, almost comical. She effectively uses symbols and motifs to build underlying meaning into her stories much greater than that of the upfront story. She uses a third person point of view in each novel, but changes between omniscient and limited omniscient making the information perceived differently in each story. Lastly, her style seems to change and evolve from novel to novel making each story, while maintaining similar characteristics, very different within themselves. Overall, Jane Austen effectively portrays the important elements of her life throughout her literary elements; such as, allusion, theme, setting, tone, symbols, motifs, point of view, and style.

Jane Austen was born the seventh child of George Austen and Cassandra Leigh on December 18, 1775. Writing and literature seemed to be common in the Austen family. Austen’s mother wrote poems for her family and friends and her oldest brother James loved to write. Also, her father who was a reverend of the local church, was a scholar with a love for literature, and read to all of his children allowing them to pick from the many shelves of books he owned. During this age...

... middle of paper ... least some extent, the reader knows what the narrator is thinking. This gives the reader a chance to see “behind the scenes” and put themselves in the shoes of the main character.

Jane Austen’s life tremendously contributed to the literary elements seen over and over again in her works. Her ideals and beliefs of a woman’s place in society was an underlying fact that was not particularly evident through her novels about love, marriage, and society. Looking back now, it is evident what Jane Austen was trying to prove. Austen had an amazing mind that led her to be a very successful author The content of her literature is very sophisticated for the time in which Austen lived. Her effective use of allusion, theme, setting, tone, symbols, motifs, point of view, and style filled her stories with interesting and intriguing elements that truly defined her as an author.

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