Jane Austen 's Pride And Prejudice, Emma, Sense And Sensibility, And Mansfield Park

Jane Austen 's Pride And Prejudice, Emma, Sense And Sensibility, And Mansfield Park

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Many people read Jane Austen’s fiction novels and only see her writing as cliché and old fashioned. But her stories have a classic, undying theme to them. Stories that are still relatable to readers today. In the last 10 years Austen’s books have been made into a number of television adaptations. Pride and Prejudice, Emma, Sense and Sensibility, and Mansfield Park. Not only do we see Austen’s story lines through her books and the movies, but many modern authors and movie directors use Austen as an inspiration when writing their books and movie scripts. Austen’s stories capture the heart of many people, but she also captures the heart of women today. Women who strive to abolish the social discrimination against themselves. It is a debatable topic, but many believe Jane Austen was in fact a feminist writer. Paula Byrne, author of The Real Jane Austen, took exception to the image, claiming on Radio 4 's Today program that it "perpetuates this ridiculous myth of the safe Jane Austen" and stating that Austen was in fact "a subversive writer, she’s a feminist, she writes about social class". (Gallagher 2013). Jane Austen created feminist awareness in all of her novels.
When reading Jane Austen, taking into consideration the patriarchal time period is a must. Many argue that Austen writes strictly based off this patriarchal time in history. All of her main characters end up doing what the convential woman of that time period would. Getting married and taking their places as wives. But she may have written that way because she knew in order to survive as a woman in a male dominating world, her true thoughts toward this subject needed to be covert. People such as Leila Cruickshank, Paula Byrne (Gallagher 2013), and Claudia Johnson (John...

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... of the purpose of feminism. Feminism gets bogged down today in debates about bra-wearing, misandry or ‘sisterhood’, but the key message of feminism is simple: equality between the sexes. Austen lived in a time when the very notion that women could hold rational opinions and manage their own affairs was highly controversial, and while Austen is certainly not a radical in the sense that Mary Wollstonecraft is, she repeatedly demonstrates that women who are slaves to emotion or who follow the dictates of social expectations over their own intelligence, cannot thrive.” (Gallagher 2013)
Although this is still a debatable topic and will continue to be argued between fans and scholars for years to come. There is no question, Jane Austen’s writing will continue to be a popular book among women today. Why? Because they are empowering, interesting, and classic love stories.

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