Jane Austen 's Influence On Society During The Nineteenth Century Essay

Jane Austen 's Influence On Society During The Nineteenth Century Essay

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At the beginning of the novel I thought that it showed the typical beliefs in society during the seventeenth century. Women were not allowed to own property or gain inheritance and we supposed to take care of the house and children, therefore, families would try to get their daughters married so that they would be able to be taken care of. This can be seen through Mrs. Bennet who tries to marry off all of her daughters. I thought it was interesting that Austen portrayed Jane as the typical girl who would abide by social norms and be fully willing to marry Charles Bingley; however, Elizabeth is the complete opposite and views Mr. Darcy as arrogant and obnoxious when he refuses to dance with her at the ball. When Mr. Collins proposed to Elizabeth I thought it was interesting to see how society has changed because if people now married their cousins they would be frown upon but back then the idea of Elizabeth marrying Mr. Collins was completely accepted and Mrs. Bennet even wanted her to accept the proposal. I thought that the title of the novel, Pride and Prejudice, accurately portrayed the characters Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy. Mr. Darcy is too prideful and that creates a barrier between him and Elizabeth while Elizabeth has a prejudice against Mr. Darcy and believes that he is unable to view people of lower societal classes as equal. In the end, the novel reveals that first impressions are not always accurate and this can be seen because Elizabeth thinks of Darcy as arrogant and haughty but then she sees him with his sister and is revealed to a whole other side of him. Likewise Mr. Darcy sees Elizabeth as beneath him but as he interacts with her more he realizes that he enjoys her strong views and perspectives.

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...eir. AT the time Austen was writing Pride and Prejudice this would have been a very real issue that women faced. Also at the ball Mr. Darcy looked down on Elizabeth and the Bennet family because they were not wealthy and Mr. Darcy did not want to mingle with people of a lower class. The division between classes was very common during the time of writing and Austen included it in her book to show what life would have been like. She also had Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth overcome their prejudices of each other to show Austen’s own views on the social and cultural environment around her. I think this book is a very good representation of what life was like back in Austen’s time for an average family and I believe she did a good job at pulling information that she was surrounded with and putting it in the novel so that she could show her opinions on the environment around her.

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