Jane Austen And Its Themes Of Irony Essay

Jane Austen And Its Themes Of Irony Essay

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This essay will be looking at Pride and Prejudice written by Jane Austen and its themes of irony. I will be looking at the passage focusing on Elizabeth and Charlotte discussing Jane’s relationship with Mr. Bingley and how after knowing each other for such a short time they are already falling for each other (Austen 22-23). The passage then relates this to how quickly Mr. Darcy has acquired feeling for Elizabeth as well (24).
In this passage they discuss relationships in depth and their views on Jane displaying her affection to Mr. Bingley. Elizabeth goes on to say “where nothing in question but the desire of being well married, and if I were determined to get a rich husband, I dare say I should adopt it.” (23) This is in reference to Charlotte suggesting that Jane use all the time that she is spending with Mr. Bingley to secure his attention and implies that once she has him she will have more time to fall in love with him. This is an opinion that was very common in this time period, that a woman must secure a man with which to marry and once she was married she could then grow to like him, but the most important thing when choosing that man was his status, wealth and the opportunities that would await his wife. This use of situational irony is shown in the book as Mr. Darcy does not truly believe in the love Jane has for Mr. Bingley and breaks then up while not understanding that they loved each other for the instant connection they made (Murfin 252). His misunderstanding and pride in his perceived view on situations is shown not just in this situation but also when she meets Elizabeth and her badly behaved family (Austen 13).

Next it begins by talking about how Elizabeth while focusing on her sister’s relationship has become ...

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...his passage displays situational irony and dramatic irony focusing on both Jane and Mr, Bingley’s relationship and Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy’s relationship. Austen used Pride and Prejudice as a way of conveying an opinion of social status and marrying for status. Her use of irony makes her writing seem satire and more trivial than the large underlying messages that it conveys. These include how social status or perception of social status hold people back from forming relationships and is most obviously shown in Mr, Darcy and the growth in his character throughout the book. Its messages about marriage are many and can be viewed in many ways; most obviously though it does make a point of having both couples marry for love and focusing of how this benefits them. These messages are well thought out and so well done that they still hold great meaning and influence today.

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