Jane Addams 's Life Changing Article, Why Women Should Vote Essay

Jane Addams 's Life Changing Article, Why Women Should Vote Essay

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Jane Addams was an upper class woman who thought it was her job to help others. Addams was an advocate of immigrants, the poor, women, and peace. In 1889, she created the Hull House, to help female immigrants become assimilated to the American lifestyle by helping them get a job, learn the language, and receive an education. It was no surprise that in 1915, Jane Addams wrote the life-changing article “Why Women Should Vote.”
During the 1900’s, women were under the idea of the cult of domesticity. This meant that women’s place was in the home. They had jobs such as cooking, cleaning, and caring for the children. In the article “Why Women should Vote,” it is clear to see that Addams was biased and believed that women deserve the right to vote. She wrote an article saying why women should vote and why it was the responsibility of women to vote. Many women around the country felt oppressed. Different groups started to form as they fought for women’s rights. Groups such as National American Women Suffrage Association (NAWSA) took more of a state-to-state approach on women’s rights. The National Women’s Party went against NAWSA, and started to protest with events such as hunger strikes. Addams saw that women needed the right to vote because she saw the problems that were going on in everyday life. These suffrage groups and issues influenced Jane Addams to write “Why Women Should Vote.”
Addams was trying to appeal to women who were anti-suffrage. Addams makes a persuasive argument that a woman’s “old business” role of caring for her home and rearing her children has fundamentally changed as society had become more complicated and required a greater need for women to influence society outside their homes. Men who were anti-suffrage ...

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... are still very valid. I couldn 't even imagine life without food regulations and cleanliness of our grocery stores. I also agree that women should be informed on working conditions and because of her help now, we have laws against child labor and working hours. I think that Jane Addams was very successful in writing this. This source is important because it helps explain events we are studying in class such as why women refused to help with World War 1. Women argued that America was trying to bring democracy into Europe, yet we didn 't have democracy in America. I don 't think I was the only one whose eyes were opened after reading this article because in 1920, only ten years after Addams article was published, women were granted the right to vote. Without Jane Addams’s article our lives wouldn 't be the same because the 19th amendment would have never been passed.

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