Essay about Janam Kundai Marriage Matching through Hindu Vedic Astrology

Essay about Janam Kundai Marriage Matching through Hindu Vedic Astrology

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Janam Kundali Marriage Matching through Hindu Vedic Astrology

Indian marriages are typically prepared by analyzing a Jaman Kundali, which is a method of horoscope matching based on astrology, also called nakshatras, meaning lunar constellations. The purpose of Kundali marriage matching is to bring together two individuals in counseling to predict future events, and then to determine whether or not those two individuals are compatible for marriage. During the Kundali matching process, general predictions are shown by matching the horoscopes of both individuals. If both individuals horoscopes do not align, then they are not compatible, and are warned not to get married. If both horoscopes align, then they are compatible, and are given blessings for marriage.
In many cultures, astrology is known to be a symbolic language meant to predict an individual's life-path by carefully interpreting the relationship between a person’s birth date and the position with the heavens. Astrology comes from the Greek word astrologia, which means "telling of the stars”, and also from the latin word astrologiai, which means “the science of heavenly bodies”. The word Astrology is derived from the Greek words astron and logos, which literally translates as “star-word”. In Sanskrit, Hindu astrology is called Jyotisha, which means the science of light and celestial objects.
In Hindu culture, astrology remains an important practice to this day, because it is thought that planetary bodies are the “fruits of Karma”; due to this, many Indian newborns are traditionally named based on their Jyotisha chart. Other areas of life, like decisions made about marriage, starting a business, and moving into a new house, are carefully analyzed with astrological cha...

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...usands of years by many cultures to answer questions not yet answerable by ordinary means. It’s core philosophical idea is that you are what happens to you, and that you can find a better meaning of yourself by carefully analyzing your origin of birth and its relationship with the positions of external celestial objects in this universe. Astrology is not a belief system, whereby there are a set of mutually supportive precepts from which you are to live your daily life, directing thoughts, words, and actions. On the contrary, astrology is the study of the positions and characteristics of celestial bodies in the belief that they have an exogenous influence on the natural course of earthly occurrences, and, thus, human affairs. In this sense, astrological readings are not meant to provide answers to personal issues, but are rather meant to be seen as a life guide.

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