James Vegas, The Man Behind The Microphone Essay

James Vegas, The Man Behind The Microphone Essay

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Modern Day Escape welcomes each evening with their fellow beloved fans by their side. The quintet will dazzle their fans with the House of Rats where you definitely want get trapped. The musicians love their fans as much as their fans love them providing a palpable vibe transferable to live shows. Modern Day Escape [M.D.E.] is lead by James Vegas who can be as sweet as his scream is loud. The Floridian/Southern Californian band is forming their own world with each tour. Tours add more and more listeners who become like family to the band. Vegas does not have a specific plan to ensure each show is different for the steady stream of steadfast fans who always leave happy.

For many Modern Day Escape fans James’s music is a deep sea treasure they have hunted for. When asked about who he wanted to become when he was a child the lead singer said, “I always wanted to be a deep sea treasure hunter or a paleontologist.” James was inspired by a friend to become a musician. The screamer said, “My old best friend Tim Ashley started playing the guitar and made me buy one and start playing so we could have a band; we were like 13.” Surprisingly the humble artist shares a side of himself many people who relate to him could understand. Vegas said, “I honestly didn't think I would live this long....” The men came together as a band starting with Bagel and James followed by the theft of Marti from a metal band. Shep soon followed as he was a mutual friend whereas Corey was found through Stickham.

There is not much difference between Florida and California except humidity plays in California’s favor-an all around better fit for the band regardless of the increased cost of living. James said, “Well to be frank the road is our true home. We a...

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...wing their following to grow with each tour. James elaborated, “We wake up, drive to the venue, load in, change clothes, play the show, dry off, meet and greet our fans, load up, drive to a truck stop or a friends place and pass out.” They repeat the daily ritual and meet up with fans online in between duplicating their tour habits stop after stop.

Members of M.D.E. are not babbling lip service unless they are giving a nod to the sponsor by the same name because they are comfortable in their own skin. The only form of lip service the quintet partakes in is the dispersing of smiles which anyone can use. Being apart of the New World Family makes a member feel like he can explore his artistry without judgment. The band thrives on organization and everyone involved charts a course in the stars Modern Day Escape can follow while leading others with their music.

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