Essay on Jamaica: Trench Town Neighbourhood

Essay on Jamaica: Trench Town Neighbourhood

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Trench town is a neighbourhood located in the capital city of Jamaica, Kingston. It is commonly known as the ‘Hollywood’ of Jamaica. Trench Town is the birthplace of rocksteady and reggae music, as well as the home of reggae and Rastafari ambassador Bob Marley. People who lived in Trench town were completely hopeless, poor and very little had jobs. Political tensions were at an all time high in Trench Town in the 1970’s. Along with the increase of crime came feelings of worthlessness and despair. People thrived for freedom in Jamaica during this era. However, Trench Town was where Bob Marley came to his fame. He used the town as an inspiration to create some of the most potent songs of all time which years on would still spring top of the charts. Bob Marley thrived for social change and peace amongst the people of Jamaica as well as around the world while simuntaneously allowing listeners to forget the troubles they face and relax to music and dance. With the pressure of the world on our shoulders, between work, college , bills , we all need that ‘me time’ to unwind and take our minds off whatever it is that weighs us down on a daily basis. Bob Marley’s motto was exactly like his song states ‘Don’t worry , be happy’. In other words, after a hurricane comes a rainbow, not all life’s struggles are permanent. He went out to show that the bad times will pass and the good times will make us appreciate just how precious life is. Even with the poverty the people of Trench Town endured , Bob Marley managed to keep his head high , have a positive outlook that everything will be okay in the end. This is where his magnificent songwriting which is still talked about years later came into play when he used his life’s misfortunes as a guide ...

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...which led to a huge milestone in their career. Bob Marley’s role model , Ernesto Che Guevara had a huge influence on Bob Marley’s outlook on life as well. “It seems like Marley accomplished through Art what Che Guevara tried to achieve through politics and force”. Marley saw Guevara as an inspiration to never give up. Although Coxson led the band to success they felt that this wasn’t enough. Marley and the ‘Wailers’ started their own music label , ‘Wail ‘n Soul’ . Bob Marley had left for Wilmington to earn money in order to support the band financially. The ‘Wailers’ were part of a religious sect Rastafarian which was apparent in their music. “Marley and the band wrote about how Africans have been suppressed by the oppression (downpression of the white race. This influence can be scene in lyrics of two of Marley's songs, Buffalo Soldier and Could You Be Loved.”

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