The Jama ' At I Islami Essay

The Jama ' At I Islami Essay

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The Jama’at-i Islami was one of the first and most influential parties in the Indian subcontinent, and it is still considered to be one of the most significant religious and political groups in the Muslim world. The Jama’at-i Islami is considered a fundamentalist or Islamist group that advocates for a return to Islamic orthodoxy and calls for an Islamic state. The power of the Jama’at, however, cannot be separated from the prestige and influence of its founder Saiyid Abdul Ala (Mawlana) Maududi. Since its foundation, the Jama’at’t has spread throughout South Asia, with branches in India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. However, while the Jama’at-i Islami is famous for its influence, receiving bad media coverage in the West, until recently the Jama’at, as an organization/political party in of itself, has made few tangible contributions to the growth of the state. Despite the accepted idea that the Jama’at-i Islami is at the center of all Islamic movements in South Asia, the party actually has very little political influence and very few numbers. While the party itself is not as influential as believed or advertised in numbers, the Jama’at-i Islami’s mission and consistency have made it a force to be reckoned with. The ideology of the Jama’at-i Islami as a centerpiece for Islamic reform, as opposed the actual actions of the organization, drives the Islamic movement in South Asia.
Often considered the torchbearer of Pakistan , Jama’at-i Islami’s founder is responsible for the mission and ideals of the organization and he is credited with founding Islamic fundamentalism and the Islamist movement in South Asia. Saiyid Abdul Ala (Mawlana) Maududi was born in 1903 in Aurangabad, in present day Maharashtra. Maududi was not educated in t...

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...gious legitimacy that allowed General Zia to initially have a successful and widely supported reign. After General Zia began to fill government positions with radical Islamists, deviating from the original plan of improving the social and economic conditions of the nation before implementing strict Islamic laws, the Jama’at’s support for Zia grew weaker. After Zia banned student unions in 1984, the Jama’at officially withdrew support and protested among other Islamic groups.
As demonstrated by this narrative, the Jama’at-i Islami’s authority gained considerable influence during the 1980s, as potential leaders sought to align themselves with the Jama’at in order to gain religious authority that they could later manipulate to justify their actions while ruling the nation. As opposed to its lack of influence and condemnation by the state as late as 1975, the Jama’at

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