Jake 's Origin Of His Anxiety Disorder

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Jake’s origin of his Anxiety Disorder stemmed from the rise in the difficulty of his classes. More specifically, it could have been a behavioral, humanistic, and/or a cognitive factor of which induced his anxiety. Depending on how the counselor came up with Jake’s diagnosis, comparative analysis can be applied to the three possible variable factors of Jake’s counselor’s reasoning, and how other psychologists view each of the same behavioral, humanistic, and cognitive factors today. A Behaviorist believes that all behavior is the result of activated stimuli based off of an individual’s environment. Therefore, his counselor would analyze and observe the various stimuli affecting Jake’s life and see if they were similar to the factors known to cause Anxiety disorder. Cognitive Psychology takes into account more than just external stimuli. The Cognitive Psychologist would also analyze Jake’s mental processes to determine why the increased difficulty of his classes would cause Anxiety Disorder in him, as the same thing does not happen in all cases. In Jake’s situation, his cause was the increase of difficulty in his classes, and the effect was his Anxiety Disorder. Furthermore, Jake’s Anxiety Disorder can be rationally explained by the evolutionary response system humans feel when they’re put into a rather uncontrollable, unknown, or in Jake’s circumstances, difficult situations. It is believed that Natural Selection favored those who felt a higher sense of anxiety during more primal times. For example, a human placed in an unknown and violent environment in the middle of the night will be more likely to survive if they felt anxiety which kept them more alert and awake during the night. If they remained calm and fell asleep, they c... ... middle of paper ... .... The behavioral approach explained Jake’s anxiety because of his reaction with certain stimuli given changes in environment, the cognitive approach explained his diagnosis with previous genetic relevance, and the humanistic approach explained Jake’s Anxiety Disorder because of his change in his own humanistic view of himself. It is essential to acknowledge that it’s not important that modern day Psychologists always agree on a particular approach about when dealing with patients or pathologies, but rather it is important that modern day Psychologists determine the best approach when dealing with certain patients or pathologies. Therefore regardless of how the counselor came to the conclusion that Jake has Anxiety disorder, it is important that the counselor used these three branches of psychology to come to the best conclusion that Jake indeed has Anxiety Disorder.

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