Jailbreaking iDevices: Pushing Limits and Breaking Boundaries Essay

Jailbreaking iDevices: Pushing Limits and Breaking Boundaries Essay

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The act of jailbreaking iDevices has been around since the iPhone hit the market in 2007(Kravits, David. “U.S. Declares iPhone Jailbreaking Legal, Over Apple's Objections.” Wired. 26 July 2010. Web. 5 Sept. 2011.) A jailbroken device simply means “Hacked to be freed from restrictions.”(Jurick et al. 2) Apple has been in a constant battle with jailbreak developers trying to stop these hacks from working and strongly insists, “The limits set on these devices are there for a reason.”(Iang, Don. Personal interview. 5 Sept. 2011) What has been noticed in the jailbreaking community is that these devices are limited way below their true potential, and that the capabilities of the devices are amazing after the device has been jailbroken. Even though Apple insists that the limits set on their devices are safety precautions , the jailbreak developers continue to push those limits without facing the destructive consequences.
The jailbreaking community continues to grow each year with more and more users hacking their devices. Flurry, an analytic company that tracks the behavior of iPhone users said, “The number of jailbroken devices fluctuates from 5 to 8 percent, which is roughly about three million users.”(Fitzgerald, Thomas. “Breaking Into the Smartphone (Risks Included).”) New York Times. 24 Nov. 2010. Web. 7 Sept. 2011.) When I asked a programmer that has administrative access to the Cydia servers approximately how many users download from their site he replied, “ Last time I checked we were close to five million users.” (Toyvan. Personal interview. 1 Sept. 2011 ) Apple does not believe that jailbreaking iDevices should be legal and is in a constant battle trying to stay one move ahead of jailbreak developers with each update. “At st...

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...jailbreaking community will continue to push the boundaries of what can be done with these devices.” (Jurick et al. 2)

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