The Jail Cell And Illegal Drug Use Essay examples

The Jail Cell And Illegal Drug Use Essay examples

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There I was sitting in the jail cell thinking about what just had happen. The cops are trying to charge me for prostitution, drug trade, and illegal drug use. This is my side of the story. I have been in this jail cell for 5 years now. The Florida State prison. I get beat up. They bully me. They take my food. If feel like a lesser woman every day. The beds are hard and we don’t have pillows. I can’t even find one person I can truly trust and call friend.
March 12, 2008 was the day my whole life changed. My best friend and I robbed a jewelry store. At the time we were both young and dumb. We just needed money to rise our children. At 20, Samantha, my best friend, has a son that was 4 years old. This was the first year he was going to be starting school. He needed new clothes and his father wasn’t in his life. My daughter was 5 years old, she was also starting school this school year. We both had lost our jobs due to being late repeated time. It wasn’t our faults. We didn’t have cars, we usually took the city bus, walked or asked for rides. We needed money and we needed it fast. We had rent to pay. We needed food on the table. All that single mother stuff. Neither one of our babies fathers were in their lives. We had no help.
While we were at work our parents wound alternate watching the children. We didn’t tell our parents what happened because we would then have to hear a long speech about this and that and we really didn’t want to hear all that. We knew soon or later they would find out. We would drop the kids off every morning just as if we were going to work. We started to sell drugs to make money for dinner each night.
New to the drug game and prostitution we really didn’t know what we were doing. Back in the high school yea...

... middle of paper ... people have the same right just as everyone else should. No one should be judge based off the color of their skin. Yes, we are all different. He may be tall, she may be short. He may be skinny, and she may be fat but we are all the same.” I was ready to present my speech to the jury.
Three day later I was back in court facing a new judge this time. My hope was for her to understand where I was coming from with Samantha and I have two different sentences if we are charged with the same thing. “What is your claim” the judge asked me. I read my argument with passion. I knew I was doing the right thing. He looked down and was reading over all the papers in front of him. I told him about Samantha so I assumed he knew her story too. “New sentence set three years with possible parole” I smiled and the judge smiles back at me. That’s when I knew Justice could be served.

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