Jackson 's Cognitive Abilities And Cognitive Processing Abilities Essay

Jackson 's Cognitive Abilities And Cognitive Processing Abilities Essay

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Jackson’s cognitive abilities were assessed with regard to seven broad areas of cognitive processing, through the use of the WISC-V, in addition to supplemental subtests given from the WJ-IV Cognitive. The areas of cognitive processing ability measured include crystallized intelligence, short-term memory, long-term memory, visual-spatial processing, reasoning ability, processing speed and phonemic awareness, which is an aspect of auditory processing. On the WISC-V, subtests that measure different cognitive processing abilities combine to form five index scores: Verbal Comprehension, Visual-Spatial, Fluid Reasoning, Working Memory and Processing Speed which all together make up the Full Scale IQ score (FSIQ). Jackson obtained a FSIQ of 87 (58th percentile), which falls within the Low Average Range.

However, this estimate of his general intellectual ability on the WISC-V cannot be interpreted meaningfully and should be deemphasized because he displayed considerable variability among the four indexes that consist of this FSIQ score. Jackson’s indexes ranged from a Standard Score of 100 on Verbal Comprehension Index (50th percentile) to a Standard Score of 74 on the Fluid Reasoning Index (4th percentile). The 39-point difference suggests that Jackson’s intelligence is best understood by his performance on the separate WISC-V indexes.

In addition, these broad cognitive processing index scores provide an overview of the child’s functioning in the mentioned areas, but do not provide much information into the pattern of individual strengths or weaknesses, nor does it give the total picture of a child’s cognitive functioning. Therefore, an analysis of the various subtest scores on the WISC-V and WJ-IV Cognitive and WJ-IV Oral Lan...

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...r shown on task. On this task, Jackson scored within the Average Range (Picture Span, scaled score = 10). The difference between Jackson 's performances on these two tasks was not unusually large, indicating that his working memory is a good estimate of his short-term memory. Jackson obtained a WMI of 97, which is ranked at the 42nd percentile and is classified as Average Range. Furthermore, Jackson’s short-term memory scores were cohesive and relatively common compared to the general population. Jackson has the ability to maintain information and reproduce it in the same sequence (Memory Span). When ask to direct his focus of attention to perform a task with manipulations, he has the ability to make combinations with the presented information (Working Memory Capacity). This index is likely to be a good summary and an adequate estimate of Jackson’s working memory.

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