Essay on Jackie Robinson: Braking The Color Barrier in The Major League

Essay on Jackie Robinson: Braking The Color Barrier in The Major League

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“Hey Jackie, you should play baseball.” Jackie Robinson had no intention to play baseball. Jackie Robinson had to deal with many racial comments and put downs, but Jackie never gave up and ended up as a Major League hero. Jackie played many sports in high school and he was good at all of them. He lettered in every sport he played in high school. After high school, he didn’t have any intention to play sports anymore. Jackie actually enlisted in the army. He served two years and he ranked second lieutenant. Jackie’s army career ended really short compared to many other veterans. Jackie had to go to court for his objections against racial discrimination. After that jumble was done, Jackie came home and played For the Kansas City Monarchs, which is in the Negro League. He traveled the whole Midwest playing baseball with them. Jackie led the team in every offensive category and he only played one season. After his season with the Monarchs, Branch Rickey approached him about coming up and playing with the Brooklyn Dodgers. The Major League had not had an African American since 1889, when baseball became segregated. Jackie accepted this offer. Jackie was the first to break the color barrier in the Major League. Jackie started his first game on April 15th, and that was only the start of Jackie’s legend of a career (Jackie Robinson , 2011).
Jackie’s first game was very rough for him. Jackie went 0 for 3 at the plate. Jackie was very nervous. Jackie progressed throughout the season and he became the rookie of the year with 12 home runs, 29 steals, and a .297 batting average. Jackie got voted as the National League’s most valuable player. After that Jackie won the batting title (Jackie Robinson , 2011). Jackie is a legend when it comes to...

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...’t let that bother his game. Jackie strived to do better when he heard those comments. Jackie knew that he could do it and he set his mind to do it. Over his career, Jackie accomplished the goals that he had created for himself. Jackie is a hero, was a hero, and will always be a hero. Jackie will be a legacy that will never be forgotten in the game of baseball itself.

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