Jackie Aina 's Social Media Success Essay

Jackie Aina 's Social Media Success Essay

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Jackie Aina is a beauty guru who has established herself as a self-made business woman through YouTube. She inspires her viewers with her tips and tricks about makeup, hair, fashion and even her lifestyle hacks. Jackie describes herself as “Changing the standard of beauty, one video at a time”, her purpose for starting her YouTube channel. She joined the YouTube community in March of 2012. To this day she has grossed an estimated 900,000 subscribers with 56 million views on her channel. Not only does she have a substantial following on YouTube, but also, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat. With such a vast number of social media outlets, Jackie is constantly able to communicate with her fan base to be able to hear their opinions on the content they would like to see brought to her YouTube channel, to give them advice and answer their questions, and to give daily tidbits of information whether it be in regards to beauty or lifestyle. The secret to Youtuber Jackie Aina’s social media success is beauty and lifestyle related content on her YouTube channel, participation in numerous social media outlets outside of YouTube in which she expresses her talent and work, and content based on viewer suggestion and popularity.
Jackie’s purpose for writing is to “change the standard of beauty one video at a time” by primarily focusing on producing the standard beauty guru video content which include the subjects of: makeup, hair, skincare, fashion, advice, and DIY videos. She mainly highlights her makeup videos being as though they are the most popular on her channel and the most advertised not only on her YouTube channel subscription page but also on her other social media outlets. She excludes topics such as fitness, comedy, and musi...

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...ue fans love and support despite the negativity that she sometimes must deal with. This makes her appear authentic and genuine to both her preferred audience but also comprehensible to other audiences who may just be passing by her YouTube channel or other social media outlets.
My analysis of YouTuber Jackie Aina reveals that she uses beauty and lifestyle related content, numerous social media outlets, and content based on viewer suggestion to succeed as a social media author. She has successfully “changed the standard of beauty” not only one video at a time but also through her use of various social media outlets and participation from her fans, remix, the help of both her primary and secondary audiences, as well as her determination and dedication to continuing to be an advocate for women, especially women of color within the beauty community both online and off.

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