Jack, Roger and Ralph After Leaving the Island Essay

Jack, Roger and Ralph After Leaving the Island Essay

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After leaving the island, the adventure truly began for Jack, Roger and Ralph. These three characters never veered off path of their childhood personalities, becoming military leaders, McDonald’s employees, and The Speaker of Parliament. Jack, after graduating high school, joined the British military and became a Naval Commander. Roger, never leaving his sadistic state of mind, never equated too much working the graveyard shift at his local McDonald’s. Ralph, recognizing his leadership qualities, knew that even though they failed him on the island, if he fixed his flaws, eventually he could obtain a larger leadership role in society. All three of these characters followed their individual, childhood personalities into adulthood because these personalities were the only qualities the characters possessed that never changed on the island.
Jack, a typical hothead always undermining leaders, eventually becomes a leader himself because of the strict ways of the British Royal Navy. After he encountered the Naval officer on the island, Jack awed the military. When others saw violence and killing, he saw structure and protection. Jack returned home after being rescued and resumed going to school. Immediately after he graduated, Jack knew he wanted a military career. Recalling his experience with the Naval officer, Jack decided to join the British Royal Navy. Jack worked his way up the command chain with a few instances of disobeying orders, but eventually after twenty years worked his way to Admiral, one of the highest positions in the Navy. He served during Dhofar Rebellion and because of his demonstration of bravery; he was awarded the Conspicuous Gallantry Medal. He received the award because Jack and his crew responded to a...

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...ek of work, he began an argument with a bothersome customer. The customer demanded well-done fries and argued the importance of getting his order right. Roger yelled and leaped over the counter lunging at the customer like a cheetah to its prey. The store manager, a rather large, middle aged, African American, male, pried Roger off of the customer and tied him to a chair, as they waited for the police to arrive. With no real reason for attacking the man, Roger forcibly left with the police officers. After his court hearing, he was evaluated for anger management and mental stability issues, uncovering the truth of what occurred on the island. Roger, titled insane by a court doctor, attended Hogwarts Plaza for the Criminally Insane, a haphazard building filled with mentally ill patients. Roger currently still resides at Hogwarts, still with the intent to hurt people.

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