Jack London 's Message Of A Fire Essay

Jack London 's Message Of A Fire Essay

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Jack London’s message in the writing “To Build a Fire” is to never underestimate the power of nature and following Experience would actually show someone that instincts should be trusted over ego and pride. London is known for being a Naturalist, naturalists are people that practice nature in literature or writings, naturalists believed that one’s surviving methods highly involve using one 's instinct. London’s “cautionary realist/ naturalist” text in the story “to build a fire” advices methods on the survivals of nature 's forces, this is a highly appropriate advice considering our struggle against disastrous natural phenomena such as global warming, tsunamis, floods, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and other geologic processes.
London’s use of language, style, symbols, theme, imagery, allegory and other literary devices focus on survival of the fittest, and in this case the one that uses instinct as a guide to survival. There are several symbols he used that can justify this. For instance, “a man must not fail at his first attempt to build a fire” (71). Fire symbolizes his survival, “All of which Mattered little, there was the fire promising life with every dancing flame” (72).If there is no fire, then he can’t survive, and the reason he died at the end was also because he could not keep the fire burning. London is saying a person should do whatever it is expected in order to survive. Then why did the man fail to do what is needed for his survival? Well his overblown sense of capacity or ego led him to his death. He ignored all the sighs and warnings to survive.
“To Build a Fire” has symbols that explain in more than one ways how important survival is especially when ones experience is in no use. An example of symbolism ...

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...y /naturalistic” proposal is appropriate for the survival of the human race now even though the story was written 100 years ago. We the people are acting as the man, we are ignorant of the changes in our surroundings, we are defying nature, and we are against nature by polluting nature. We are surely acting same as the nameless man. This advice, is appropriate in so many ways even animals used their instinct to survive though evolution. As if the conflict Man Vs Nature explains man can’t win a fight against nature. London, believes as a naturalist that humans should use their instinct, their wisdom as a base for survival because their surviving skill is biased by experience and neglect. When it comes to survival London is saying instinct is superior to the intellect. He warned people, of what could bring them to their end if they don’t use their surviving instinct.

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