Essay on J. Sternberg 's Triangular Theory Of Love

Essay on J. Sternberg 's Triangular Theory Of Love

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n Robert Sternberg 's triangular theory of love, love is separated down into three different components. Passion, Intimacy, and Commitment are the three components of love and take on different roles in the theory of love. Passion involves physical and sexual attraction to the someone of interest. The feeling of excitement is also associated with passion, individuals tend to very excited to see their partner. Intimacy involves security, a sense of comfort and trust. If information about oneself is shared that it will be safe in the person of interest hands. Communication is the key element in this component. Commitment involves a decision of forming a long term relationship based on feelings for someone of interest. This in modern time in called defining the relationship or as know as DTR. In Sternberg’s theory there is seven types of love, Each form of love is formed based on the strength of the components of emotion given. Liking,Romantic love,Companionate love,Consummate love,Infatuation,Fatuous love,and Empty love is the seven types of love in Sternberg’s triangular theory of love. Liking is based intimacy alone. The ability to be secure in relationship with someone else. Romantic love is based on intimacy and passion. In Romantic love security and sexual attraction is involved in the relationship.Companionate love is based on intimacy and commitment. In companionate love a relationship is defined and their is security between the two individuals. Infatuation is based on passion alone. In infatuation relationship sexual attraction and excitement are drives two individuals to have a relationship. Fatuous love is based on passion and commitment. Fatuous love involves sexual attraction and the two individuals in the relationship ...

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...oking from culture from culture. Love has been shown by many to be hard to define but, in Sternberg 's theory described the broad term of love by defining relationships. In relationship with other we find three components give or take and, with those components we define a relationship on. When comes to friendship the goal is companionate love, to have someone be there for you through it all. In romantic relationship the goal is to have consummate love with person you choose to be with and hope for to stay with longer term.

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