Ivan Pavlov 's Theory Of Physiology Essay

Ivan Pavlov 's Theory Of Physiology Essay

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Ivan Pavlov was born on September 26th , 1849 in Ryazan, a small village in Russia. He died on February 27th, 1936 at the age of 87. Inspired by the progressive ideas , Pavlov abandoned his religious career and decided to devote his life to science. In 1870 he enrolled in the physics and mathematics faculty to take a course in natural science.

Pavlolv became very involved with physiology. He produced his first work on the physiology of the pancreatic nerves during his first course. He continued his studies in the Academy of Medical Surgery. There, he won a fellowship and a position as a Director of the Physiological Laboratory at a clinic. This enabled him to continue his research. In his projects, Pavlov showed that there existed a basic pattern in the reflex regulation of the activity of the circulatory organs.

In 1890 Pavlov was invited to organize and direct the Department of Physiology at the Institute of Experimental Medicine. Under his direction, which continued over a period of 45 years to the end of his life, this Institute became one of the most important centers of physiological research.

In 1890 Pavlov was appointed Professor of Pharmacology at the Military Medical Academy and five years later he was appointed to the Chair of Physiology, which he held till 1925.

It was at the Institute of Experimental Medicine in the years 1891-1900 that Pavlov did the bulk of his research on the physiology of digestion. His discovery started a new era in the development of physiology. He showed that the nervous system played a big part in regulating the digestive process, and this discovery is the basis of modern physiology of digestion. Pavlov published the results of his research in this field.

Pavlov 's research into the phy...

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...cted a corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, in 1904 he was awarded a Nobel Prize, and in 1907 he was elected Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences; in 1912 he was given an honorary doctorate at Cambridge University and in the following years honorary membership of various scientific societies abroad. Finally, upon the recommendation of the Medical Academy of Paris, he was awarded the Order of the Legion of Honour (1915).

Pavlov directed all his energy towards scientific revolution. He transformed the physiological institutions headed by him into world centres of scientific knowledge.Pavlov nurtured a great school of physiologists, which produced many distinguished pupils. He left the richest scientific legacy - a brilliant group of pupils, who would continue developing the ideas of their master, and a host of followers all over the world.

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