Essay on It's Time To Open The Border With Mexico

Essay on It's Time To Open The Border With Mexico

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“It was very painful for all of us, his brothers, his parents, for me. But perhaps those who are suffering the most right now are our children. My kids ask me all the time: 'Why did they kill my dad? What happened to my dad? 'It is a question that I have no answers to, because I do not know why they did this. "
-- Maria Puga, the widow of Alejandro Hernandez Rojas in an interview by Amy Goodman from PBS.

The piercing, fiery screams of Anastasio Hernandez Rojas were real. They stripped the night of its beauty and burnt holes into the hearts of witnesses who stood helpless at the California-Mexico border in May 2010. His cries of “Ayudeme! Por favor!” left embers of pain across both sides of the border as bystanders videotaped U.S. Border Patrol officers ferociously beating the life out of Rojas after they caught him crossing the border illegally. Rojas had lived in the United States for 25 years and had five U.S. born children with wife, Maria Puga. After leaving the United States for some time, he was coming back to reunite with his family- until corruption at the border altered his fate. According to Border officers, Rojas was hostile and belligerent, leaving them with no other choice but to tazer him, which ultimately lead to his death. The video footage that was finally released to the press in April of 2012 shows Rojas lying helpless on the cold ground as his wrenched pleas for mercy shook the trees and tainted the land with a new culture that is quickly spreading throughout the border (PBS Need To Know, April 2012).

The death of Rojas is a sign to us all that the battle on the border needs to end. Granted, Rojas broke the law, but did he deserve to die because of it? In 2011, the U.S. Bureau of Statistics reported ...

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...May 2012.

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