Essay about It's Time to Get Tough on Domestic Violence

Essay about It's Time to Get Tough on Domestic Violence

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Domestic Violence occurs to one in every four women in the United States and about one in every four fail to report it. There are a variety of solutions to resolve this issue. One solution is to establish a zero tolerance policy for first time offenders. Another solution is to provide temporary counseling for both victims and offenders to provide them help for their unstable relationship. Lastly, offenders are mandated to wear ankle bracelets that have prior records of Domestic Violence; this will overrun the restraining order policy amongst victims. Domestic Violence can be prevented by establishing first offense laws to ensure the security of victims.
Domestic Violence is a form of violence that occurs in homes which involve both parties that are cohabiting, living together, and or have an intimate relationship with each another (Calton). The term Domestic Violence does not only apply to married couples, it also involves other relationships close and distant. Domestic Violence has numerous names such as Felony Spousal Assault, Spousal Abuse, and Home Violence (Strnad). To distinguish the different types of Domestic Violence, the elements are key in to determining whether it is a Felony or Misdemeanor Domestic Violence. The elements help authorities determine the severity of the crime and who is responsible. The elements of Domestic Violence vary depending on the severity of the crime and who or what parties are injured or involved. Parties are interviewed by authorities to connect both stories to determine who is at fault. By understanding the elements of both types of Domestic Violence, it will make it possible to find solutions to Domestic Violence.
A misdemeanor Domestic Violence (243e1 P.C) is a form of violence that o...

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