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Essay on It's Only Natural

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It is only natural that human beings have always been fascinated in what makes them who they are and what characteristics of themselves set them apart from other people. Behaviorists on the other hand believe there is nothing more in where they grew up because their theory is human nature can be completely understood by the laws intrinsic in the innate environment. Psychologists influence one another and trigger theories for additional experimentation. Some psychologists do not care about other’s theories while some battle other’s theories. Not many scientists believe the behaviorist theory is as encompassing as it once was thought to be. One cannot completely dismiss the outcome the environment has on behavior neither the function it plays in developing personality as made known through this research.
The relationship between personality development and cognition is similar to a developmental timetable. Piaget’s Sensorimotor period happens during Freud’s Oral stage and Erikson’s Trust vs. Mistrust stage. The periods of these different stages are milestones in development. Extraversion, body weight, and alcoholism are just a few social and biological factors that can have a permanent impact on an individual. One's physical appearance can contribute to an outgoing “Extraversion” personality trait. If an individual is not socially accepted at an early age, they may withdraw and become an introvert. Another is one's body weight where the media places more emphasis on slender females and muscular males. In America, thin is beautiful. Adolescents and even children are going to the extremes of dieting, eating less, or becoming bulimic. It is biologically bad for an individual to be obese as it increases the risk of heart attacks and r...

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...ncludes their personality. The way an individual experiences the world and by the way they involve themselves is all in their own whether it is influenced by one’s environment, genetic make-up, or a little bit of both. Are twins the same when raised in the same environment? Are siblings the same when raised in the same environment? Personality is complex; one must not categorize it as a one-size-fits-all.

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