It's Hard Not to Get Caught up in the Folklore of Superstitions Essay

It's Hard Not to Get Caught up in the Folklore of Superstitions Essay

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Superstitions are not just sayings, they’re a part of life.. You can believe in logic, yet you still knock on wood, or you can pass a church on the expressway and still make the sign of the cross, when you hear someone sneeze and telling them god bless or seeing a penny and picking it up. Some people were brought up believing in superstitions while others picked up them up from friends or teammates. . Superstitions are not just sayings, their apart of life. Whatever it maybe whether you’re a believer or not it’s hard not to get caught up in the folklore of superstitions.
There are a lot of superstitions we avoid on a daily basis if we know it or not. It doesn’t matter if we believe or not in superstitions we don’t take the risk of breaking a mirror or walking under a ladder, personally I don’t believe in superstitions, but I found them interesting, I try to avoid doing it, but I don’t get worried if they happen, for example breaking a mirror gives you 7 years of bad luck, this believe is because the mirror reflects your soul and it takes 7 years to rejuvenate the entire body, that’s why it’s said you’ll have 7 years of bad luck, other superstition is walking under a ladder, this is because it dorms a triangle and it’s said that walking through it you may bother demons, that’s why you’ll have bad luck, I think the most important superstition is saying “God bless you” after someone sneezes, it’s said that when you sneeze is because you’re spelling evil spirits, that’s why they started to say “god bless you” it was thought that when someone sneezes their dead was close, now a days we say it for us to be polite, but in fact this is another superstition.
There are many ways superstitions get pasted down; one way is by passing down by...

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...a beautiful child , it is custom that she touches the child’s head so that “Ojo” in this case nothing bad should happen to the child. When my fiancé and I are in the most random of places she occasionally gets asked by women strangers if they can touch her hair, when I think they ask this I think they ask who does their hair, but it’s a form of ojo superstations that the beauty of the hair doesn’t fall off.
You may think superstitions are different in some families, cultures, countries, but it doesn’t matter if your family believes or not, or if in your culture there are different superstitions, after knowing other people’s culture or superstitions you’ll get caught. Although you don’t believe in superstitions you’ll always prevent your bad or good luck by following superstitions, not breaking a mirror, not passing under a ladder, maybe with 4 leaf clover, etc.

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