Italians Migration to Canada Essay

Italians Migration to Canada Essay

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Identity of Italians
Italians are a group of people who share the same culture, country and speak the Italian as their first language. Italy is a native country to many Italians all around the world. Then, many Italians started migrating to different countries in 1876-1976. This beautiful country is in Southern Europe and include a similar boot shaped Peninsula. The borders of the Italians are France, Switzerland, Austria, and Slovenia. Rome is the largest and the capital of Italy, and this city is known for many of its religious attractions. The majority of people live in Italy are Roman Catholics, but there are other people of religions live there too such as Hindus, Muslims, Buddhist, and Protestant Italians. Italians are described as a hard worker, self-sacrificing ready to work for a better future for themselves and their families and also educated thinkers. When the Italian migration began numerous people came to the U.S. and its neighboring country Canada. Today in Canada there are over 1.45 million Italians, including well-known artists and actors.
Settling in Canada
When the Italians came to Canada, they had many Obstacles moving into a different area. In 1901, many articles were revealed about Italians labors being unfair at work. Labors were misled through this system at labor camps or find themselves unemployed and were not considered labors in many Canada’s major cities. In 1902, the government of Italy sent a tour to report on Italian’s workers in Canada. This report talked about the harsh problems labors to suffer in Canada so, the Italian government suggested that Italian migration to Canada should be suspended. After WW1, the Canadian government took a legal action to immigration. A new law passed to decrease th...

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