Essay on Italian Renaissance : A Period Of Time After The Middle Ages

Essay on Italian Renaissance : A Period Of Time After The Middle Ages

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The Renaissance was a period of time after the Middle Ages that brought the rebirth of classical culture and a new age of critical thinking based on Greek and Roman literature. With the perspective of culture changing during this time, ideas of society were transforming. One of the biggest ideas to come out of the Renaissance was the idea of humanism, which was basically the belief that humans are great and capable of doing many things in life and society. Instead of just going through life, humanists brought the idea that people have real potential and instead of living according to the church should live an active, secular life. With that being said, Italian Renaissance humanism changed the ideas about an individual’s role in society through literature, art, and science.
To start off, Italian Renaissance humanism transformed the ideas of individuals role in society through literature. In the Middle Ages, reading and writing was deemed as not being important in one 's life, but became an import aspect of Italian Renaissance humanism. With the invention of the printing press in 1450 by Johannes Gutenberg, humanist ideas in literature were able to spread throughout Europe more effectively. The Book of the Courtier is a piece of literature written by a famous Renaissance author known as Baldassare Castiglione and is a good example of humanism changing the ideas of society through literature. With the idea of humanism being centered around humans and the value and potential they held, this book talked about the characteristics of a Renaissance courtier and the qualities that they should possess. Another good piece of literature that expressed humanist ideas was from a book written by humanist Francois Rabelais. In this book, he talks...

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...erature, art, and science can clearly be seen through the work of those during that period. Rather than going through life and following what the church said, humanism influenced people to change the way they lived and the things they believed in. The Renaissance is often regarded as a gateway from the dark world that was the Middle Ages to the modern world we live in now because the ideas based off of ancient Greek and Roman cultural helped change literature, art, and science. That being said, Italian Renaissance humanism transformed the ideas of an individual’s role in society through literature, which taught people to have freedom of will and become more knowledgeable, art, which taught people that humans are important and full of potential, and science, which showed people to not follow what the church said blindly and base things off of logical and experience.

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