Essay on Italian Education Report

Essay on Italian Education Report

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First, address a cordial greeting to the authorities that are here today representing the Government and Parliament. In addition, this year I greet and thank all those who helped make this ceremony with their work and their participation. A special greeting to the true protagonists of the event: the people here, those who follow us from afar. Greetings to all schools, with special affection and trust that teachers are the main walls of our school, and to technical non-teaching staff. And with a salute to pupils' families whose participation in educational children and grandchildren is essential.

On this occasion, I remember and thank other people who work for a good school. Those in the Ministry of Education, in the regional education offices, departments in the regions, provinces and municipalities run the complex machinery of education, often aided by private social workers, scholars from university departments and research centers. In this multifaceted institutions and structures operating at all levels are committed people, creative, able to identify problems and propose solutions in new and socially useful. The weavers our thanks go silent, and go the right support and recognition.

This year their education have spotlight. The economic crisis we are experiencing has aroused heated discussions about the best strategies for overcoming it. There where and there are - as is normal - significant differences, but on two points, there was an almost unanimous approval. Italy must exit from the crisis better than how you entered, we must therefore look to resources - particularly intellectuals and political - which leverage to overcome the reasons for the structural weakness of our economic and social system, to make possible ...

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...bilization. In addition, speaking of legality here today with students of Calabria and Veneto, the Prosecutor Piero Grasso, who was and is a genuine hero of the fight against the Mafia.

Also serves the small courage every day, defending the people weaker than an object of scorn and aggression, defend the attention from classmates who do not like, from undue harassment.

In short, engagement with learning and civic engagement are all one. Mostriamocene is aware. Sure, I understand, this call commitment, duty, moral values and ideals, may sound annoying, preachy. But a point - I can assure you - that is true not only for you but for all that appeal to all, especially to each of us representing the institutions of the Republic. Moreover’ we must be a good example: you are entitled to expect that the example is from us, you are entitled to ask us.

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