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It Was Spring, 1992 Essay

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It was autumn, 1992. I had graduated from elementary school and was entering the years of a student’s life that are so maladroit the Department of Education banishes the children to their own private hell – middle school. Like most students my age, popularity amongst my peers was seemingly the most important goal in my life. A goal that was not easily reached by a chubby kid like myself. Having eyeglasses and only a handful of friends that crossed over from elementary school, I found myself searching for an opportunity to be recognized by the mass herd of my fellow puberty-stricken peers. While it was only a short time before that opportunity presented itself, the resulting effects would be felt nearly 20 years later.
Not long after 7th grade began, my English teacher informed our class that there was a nationwide writing contest underway. The theme of the contest was education, and students were encouraged to submit a short story, essay, or poem that reflected our view regarding this subject. The contest would first be judged on the school level, then district, followed by state. The winners from each state would move on to compete at the national level. My English teacher exuded confidence that many of us were capable of submitting quality pieces of literature. As a result, I decided to try and carve out my social niche in middle school with a pen and paper. I can’t say I had much experience with creative writing before this point in my young life. Reading had always come easily to me and writing assignments were never a challenge. It wasn’t long before I grabbed my contest application and began scribbling what turned out to be the future course of my life.
My mother had always enjoyed writing poems for fun, s...

... middle of paper ...

...pated. Three years ago I enrolled in college as a 33 year-old freshman, determined to work with adolescents for a living. Last year I was accepted into the School of Education at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. Today, I’m one year away from the rest of my new life as a teacher.
Opportunities for creative writing shaped my life over a span of two decades. What started out as a ploy to bolster my social status turned into a genuine desire to write. This desire guided me into activities and relationships in high school that ultimately changed the course of my life, both then and now. While I’m grateful for Eddie’s friendship and the opportunities it has provided, it’s my 7th grade English teacher who I am indebted to the most. Without her enthusiasm for writing and willingness to reach out to her students, you wouldn’t be reading this narrative today.

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