It Was A Cold And Foggy August Night By Martin O ' Neil Essay

It Was A Cold And Foggy August Night By Martin O ' Neil Essay

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It was a cold and foggy October night, Martin O’Neil was driving back from work to his new home in the countryside. Fully focused on his driving, and straining his eyes to see the street names in the darkness, Martin was startled by a loud ringing noise coming from inside his car.

I glanced at my phone which I had previously thrown onto the passenger seat of my car, curious to see who was calling me so late in the night. I was quite surprised to see my beloved wife’s name on the caller ID, as she was rarely ever awake at this time of night. Worried, I quickly pulled over and answered the phone.
“Martin! Martin! Martin, can you hear me?”
“Yes Ruth, I can hear you loud and clear,” I replied, “what is it?”
“Martin, I’ve had another vision, listen clearly. Do not take Wendover road on your way home. If you do, terrible things will happen to you. Very terrible things!”
The call ended abruptly as I had inexplicably lost connection. Paying no attention to my wife’s warnings I started the car and continued my way home. Ruth, you see, had a great deal of these trifling “visions”. She claimed to be able to predict fatal events before they transpired, but her visions never usually came true. Despite their lack of accuracy, Ruth possessed tremendous fidelity in her predictions, making her quite a paranoid woman. As Wendover road approached, I decided to ignore Ruth’s warnings and take it. After all, it seemed to be the quickest way home. As I turned into the seemingly abandoned road, lightning struck. This seemed a bit strange to me, since there was no rain that preceded, or followed for that matter. Driving down this street, I first noticed the abundance of deserted houses. They were all dark and...

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...e being aware of this, I could not refrain from digging; I was under her full control. Trembling with fear, I carried on digging. I dug until there were two perfectly rectangular graves, each one six feet deep and eight feet long. The instant I had finished my task, she took notice. She slowly made her way to where I was standing, examining my work. Satisfied by what I had done, she threw the worker’s body into the grave. It was then that I noticed her face beginning its transition once again. Her fangs had come out and her eyes appeared soulless. Within a second, she was by my side, and I suddenly felt an insufferably sharp pain in my neck. I screamed and screamed for someone to take notice of me, to come help me but no one came. I felt myself getting weaker with every ounce of my blood that she was draining. Suddenly, the pain went away, and everything went black.

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