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In the world of Information Technology, Support Specialists work with a wide variety of customers. Many of our customers' are unfamiliar with the computer and how to troubleshoot issues specific to their software. By providing customers’ with documented tutorials and training sessions, known as in-services, it will help decrease confusion, increase their comfort level, assist in providing more accurate information and educate them on department software and basic computer knowledge.
As a Support Specialist, I have firsthand experience with the communication barrier between customers and IT Professionals. Many employees are trained within their field. Rarely are they expected to possess the basic computer knowledge needed to function outside of their department software. Therefore, when a technical issue is reported to IT Support, the customers’ unfamiliarity with fundamental PC knowledge makes it difficult for both to communicate effectively. When looking into most issues, customers’ generally give ambiguous responses stating “My Computer doesn’t work.” For the IT Professional, one may think the customer is saying their computer has no power, the PC has suddenly stopped working or it will not power on. As we begin to dig deeper, we often discover that the problem is not the computer, but more specific to the software being used. In comparison, customers state that their application doesn’t work and we ultimately determine they are having issues with the computer, which has the potential to affect the entire system. At this moment as well as with most cases, it becomes apparent that additional steps are needed to gain insight on what issues the user is actually encountering. The IT professional will need to strategize a plan t...

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...ons when an issue occurs. Offering training not only reduces any educational gap but also allows the IT professional to see how the customer uses the software on a given. It also creates and understanding for the IT person concerning the jargon that the customer uses as well. The creation of tutorials not only helps the customer to understand on a more personal note but also to retain that knowledge to train future employees and to be used as an as needed basis. Once customers have the know-how to present information effectively, their new knowledge acquisition will assist in minimizing downtime which produces quicker resolutions. Furthermore, both the customer and IT Support become more efficient in their business processes by maximizing performance and last but not the least, customers have a since of empowerment, which is nevertheless a great way to feel .

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