Essay on IT Support for Dealing With PC Faults

Essay on IT Support for Dealing With PC Faults

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Compile a concise report that analyses the common faults which can occur in PC systems, and how an organisation might track faults that occur and identify trends. Explain working methods, software and hardware tools used in dealing with faults, making comparisons of their usefulness, cost etc.

In this report I am going to explain what tools and techniques are used by IT support, the types of faults that can occur, the importance of keeping fault logs and how they can be used in the future to fix any problems that may occur. I will also be comparing a range of hardware and software troubleshooting tools and why they’re effective.
Tools and techniques
There are various different tools and techniques that you are able to use in IT support.
Diagnostic tools- this is where a program is installed on the PC and is able to find problems in a computer (if there are any) and fix them before they cause any damage.
1) TeamViewer – this is a Remote Desktop Application which can easily be installed on a PC to be able to monitor it when you are not actually at the computer, for TeamViewer you can even get applications on your phone so that you’re practically able to access it from everywhere. With it being a Remote Desktop Application it uses RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol), this means you’re able to monitor the computer with ease, anywhere, from another PC, a phone, pretty much anything with internet capabilities and if the TeamViewer application is compatible. There is a free version of TeamViewer and a paid version – the paid version obviously has its advantages however the free version is still an excellent RDP client.
2) CMOS – this is a chip in the computer which holds information for the computer to boot up, it ident...

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...s, will either check the fault log themselves or ask the client to check it, this way most of the time they’re able to find the problem easily and be able to work on a solution to fix the problem. Dependent on what sort of problem the client has, a different fault log will be accessed.

Why it is important to keep fault logs
Fault logs are essential in a system, especially in a business, the fault log logs when any fault occurs in the system, this is a helpful way of finding out if anything is wrong with the system or if anything if wrong with any applications that are installed on the system. There are 3 different symbols that are used in the event logger, a red symbol which means that the fault is serious and cause damage, a yellow symbol which means more problems could occur by having this fault, and if there are no faults on the system it is a green symbol.

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