Essay on It 's The Oldest Story Of The World

Essay on It 's The Oldest Story Of The World

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It’s the oldest story in the world. One day you’re 17 and planning for someday. And then quietly and without you ever really noticing, someday is today. And then someday is yesterday. And this is your life. - One Tree Hill
Every minute of the day we are doing something whether we recognize what it is or not. How we spend our time is what will determine where we go. If I waste my time I will look back and wonder where it all went. Through all the practices, games, and extra events it seems that I am wasting my precious time on something that is not worthy of me spending my time, or is considered a bad investment. If you asked me if cheerleading was my life my answer would be no, but I spend a lot of time going to practices, games, and events that it is hard to believe. Many people, including my sister, would say I should be spending my time doing something more productive than wearing short skirts and throwing girls in the air. However, I believe that I continue to cheer because it is worthwhile in my life.
After classes, I head back to my dorm, as I walk in I’m greeted by my friend Myra who asks about my plans for the rest of my day. I did not realize how often I told people I was about to do something for cheer, but that is one of the only things that is consistent each day. I’m either on my way to or from a three hour practice or a four hour game or maybe I am hitting the gym so that I can gain strength to throw my flyer into the stunt.
After talking with Myra for a while, I make my way up the stairs to my room. When I get to my room I go straight into doing my work. I have usually four hours before I have to head off to practice so the next four hours are filled with hard work and focus. Due to the timed schedule I have ...

... middle of paper ...

...ith it.
Cheerleading is a worthwhile activity even if I spend many hours away from activities that will be helpful for my future, and I still plan to cheer for the rest of college. It is not an addiction, but a lifestyle. Cheering helps me to get the most of my life, I get to increase my health, become more productive, and get a healthy amount of stress. I worked hard cheering and I believe it will pay off for me in the end. Without cheer, I wouldn’t be as organized, healthy, or well rounded. Although I don’t spend as much time with my other friends and I stress a lot, my benefits outweigh my disadvantages. As the quote from the beginning says, we always have plans for how we spend our time, but we don’t realize that soon the events that seemed to be small have become our lives. When I throw my flyer in the air and catch her all the work proves to be worth it.

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