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It 's Only Been 2 Essay

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– It’s ONLY Been 2 Months-

I am not what I would consider a movie buff but of late, not on the big screen at least. It could just be me but many of the films that make it to the big screen all seem to have at least one commonality; the previews give the story away or the highlight reel was the BEST part of the whole experience; regardless of the storyline. Sure there may be a few surprises, but even they are predictable. Lucky for me, I have more of an affinity to real life situations and scenarios than I do to Hollywood productions, otherwise, I could have very well missed an opportunity that has already been chalked full of surprises and far more enriching than I ever imagined.
When I invited members my circle-friends, family and colleagues on this “journey” I had no clue as to where it would lead, I didn’t even fully understand all that would be required. All I knew was that serving in the capacity of Committee Advisor would afford me the opportunity to do a couple of things I love and that these things were what I have committed much of my life’s work to. I knew I would be mod...

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