It 's No Secret That The World Is A System Of Rules, Norms, And Everything

It 's No Secret That The World Is A System Of Rules, Norms, And Everything

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It’s no secret that everyone in the world is born into a system of rules, norms, and everything in between. There is a constant cycle of life and death, with the expectations of the bodies we are born in building and acting around others and the expectations to help promote a society farther. The problem that we as humans are constantly coming to, though, is who exactly is in power and what makes up that power. Is there a duty that one owes to their nation in the way that they act or is it their own life to lead? Are humans living for themselves or for the promotion of something more? There has been a progression of time, changing to adapt the needs of the majority being executed whether or not it is beneficial to the minority. What it means to be human has changed as different complications are approached in ways that are modern at the time of its effects. What it means to be a human is the essential question that must be explored, and seeing how that humanity has changed in the ways of nationalism – the advocacy of a political system’s independence. Believe it or not, biopolitics have created a framework of how a society is run, affecting not only structures but the classifications of human beings over time.
Over time, there have been an infinite amount of governments created, destroyed, and rebuilt. Ideals change every year with every new individual or group of individuals in charge of said government, changing the effect on its society. Focusing on the American government, there is the main and constant idea of one’s birthright to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”. With the United States’ current federal republic, there are many branches and positions that are divided in matters of importance. In the government a...

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...rotection. When a human is stripped of their rights by a political determination, they are no longer under the government’s protection. This is exhibited with the right of asylum that so many can no longer seem to obtain. The right of asylum is simply the ability of a persecuted person to be protected by another country when they are exiled from their own. Countries are now deeming themselves unavailable to provide care for these exiled peoples, denying the right of asylum to countless numbers of people. This shows the political individual, an involved citizen with abilities to make choices and obey or disobey man made laws, having immeasurable power over one who is not, and cannot be, a citizen at all. Thus, the true power one person holds is in the power of a man before them, giving them the power of whether or not they are human in any given situation or location.

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