It 's Morals And Defy Their Personality Essay

It 's Morals And Defy Their Personality Essay

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Therefore, people forget their morals and defy their personality. Shea states people can change their morals due to the effects of power (Shea). Fromm claims that an individual’s decisions reflect his or her conscious because their conscious is what brings them “back to ourselves, to our humanity” (Fromm 126). Fromm would state that Jessup believes he could do anything because of the power he holds; therefore, Jessup allows power to rise above his conscious. This demonstrates how easily authority can corrupt an individual. Jessup knew Santiago would physically not be able to handle the “code red”, yet power overrules his morals (A Few Good Men). Fromm would admit that Jessup’s authority trumped his morals, yet also believes that Dawson and Downey obeyed a command when they should have thought about the harm they were inflicting on a fellow soldier. Zimbardo would argue that it was Jessup’s duty to fulfill his role, even if the actions taken were incorrect (Zimbardo 114). Fromm would dispute this idea; he affirms that incorrect actions should be punishable even if society perceives differently (Fromm 127). Shea would explain Jessup’s actions by announcing that most people feel this was the correct way to handle the situation (Shea). Zimbardo would reply that all citizens’ ideals have changed, causing society to accept lower morals (Zimbardo 117). In ScienceDaily’s article, the author confirms that society changes causing individuals to change as well. The author would state that even though society has evolved, people should still hold their morals above all. Shea would dispute that everyone’s morals are different and most forget their ethics when power is involved. People strive to become powerful, even if they lose themselves dur...

... middle of paper ... orders relies on human’s courage to stand up and say no, especially when the individual holds higher authority. A Few Good Men, “The Stanford Prison Experiment”, and “Disobedience as a Psychological and Moral Problem” acknowledge the fact that most individuals will continue to obey orders in the future. “Why Power Corrupts” and “Human Obedience: The Myth of Blind Conformity” express that people become passive, which in turn causes individuals to always obey. People bow down to authority allowing individuals to take advantage of others. This causes humans to forget their morals and only listen to commands given by higher authority. Can people disobey orders they are morally against? Will people continue to allow others to alter their decisions? Authority will continue to be a problem in civilization; how we react and utilize the power is what will change society.

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