Essay on It 's Crazy How Life Goes

Essay on It 's Crazy How Life Goes

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It’s crazy how life goes. One day you are here and the next you can be gone in the blink of an eye. I never really understood death, and why we are allowed to get close to someone if death is waiting at the end to take them at any time. I never understood how it felt to lose someone because it never happened to me. I would hear people talk about how they lost someone very close to them and I could see the impact it had on them. But I could never feel what they felt not even one bit. I would always hear people say cherish that moment you have with someone, because tomorrow is never promised. That saying didn’t mean anything to me until March 31, 2015.
It was a typical Tuesday morning. I had woke up at 6:00 a.m. to get ready for school. I was very excited that morning because afterschool I had cheer try-outs. My friend and I were going to try-out for our school spirit cheerleading team and I couldn’t wait to show the coach what I could do. I had prepared for that day for weeks. When I had got out of bed, I did my typical morning routine that every high school girl would do. After completing my morning routine I sat on my bed and listened to my mom yell to us about not doing chores like she does every morning. “I am tired of you all going to bed without doing your chores! I am tired of my house looking a mess. That’s why we can never have guest! Who wants to come to a dirty house like this?” My mother would say screaming to the top of her lungs. Mind you that I have the type of mother who would see a piece of paper on the floor and swear up and down that the house looks like a stampede of wild animals just stopped by and ran through. I started to think about my big brother and how I bet he is glad that he doesn’t have to listen to t...

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...nd is dead!”
I jumped out the bed and rushed to her to make sure I heard her right. Tears started to instantly fill my eyes. I looked down at her phone and saw the number, the same number that had been calling my family all day. Right then and there I finally felt what other people felt. It hit me dead in the face. I couldn’t believe my brother the person I was so close to had left this earth forever. I wanted to ball up and die. My heart felt like someone came and ripped it out my chest and stomped on it. I never thought death would take someone so close from me but he did. He caused my brother’s truck to swerve and hit a bridge pole. He made my brother’s truck wrap around the bridge pole causing the paramedics to give 8 hours of hard work just to get him out the truck and keep his body in one piece. I couldn’t believe death took my brother from this earth forever.

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