Essay on It 's Cold, Damp, And Dark

Essay on It 's Cold, Damp, And Dark

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It’s cold, damp, and dark. I can 't see anything. My eyes are burning! I can 't move! Something is picking me up and stretching my arms out and strapping them to some type of contraption. Ouch! It hurts, it 's too tight. I’m screaming in pain, but these things don 't seem to care. What is happening to me? I 'm not happy with this, make it stop please! Oh no, they are back. As I scream bloody murder, they pry open my eyes and shine a bright light into my eyes to check on how their product is working. They are not liking the results, and decide to spray more of the painful chemical they call perfume into my eyes, it burns! They put me back into a wire cage with little food and water, if only I could see where the food is. I hear all around me other animals crying out in pain. I know how they feel. I 'm going through the same clinical trial as they are with the newest and latest perfumes. I slowly fall back asleep trying to escape the pain and the horror they call life.
Animal testing “was thought to have started as early as circa 500 BC” ( The first writing about animal testing was found in ancient Greek text books written by various authors and scientist. Aristotle, Herophilus, and Erasistratus, were found to have engaged in some of the first experiments on live animals to discover how the inside of a live organism functions. Today animals are being tested on for a variety of reasons, such as, perfumes, new drugs, beauty products, new advancements in technology, and science. The life of an animal in a test study is short, and full of pain. Most of the animals used in clinical testing, such as lab rats, mice, birds, and reptiles are not covered under any law on how animals should be treated in a lab experiment. In this ...

... middle of paper ... on animals admit they find the practice to be very inaccurate and a waste of time. She urges us to see that we can progress in the medical field without the use of animal testing, and suggests we do this by making the government use the money to find alternative ways, instead of using it to test and buy more animals. Jessica Sandler and Elizabeth Fisher clash on their ideas to how animal testing affects the human population. On one hand, Elizabeth Fisher believes that because they have close to the same DNA, that it will get results similar to how humans would. On the other hand, Jessica Sandler brings up countless points in which animals are nothing alike in the prospect of how humans and animals organs and body parts work. would most likely add to the side of Jessica Sandler and bring in how 80% of approved animal tests, fail in human clinical trials.

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