It 's A Beautiful Summer Day Essay examples

It 's A Beautiful Summer Day Essay examples

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It’s a beautiful summer day. The sun is shining and the breeze is blowing. You decide to make a run to Sonic for a creamy shake that’s ice cold. Once you make it there, place and receive your order, you decide to sit outside and sip on your tasty treat. A few minutes pass and you notice something strange. People are staring at you. Their faces show nothing but pure disgust. You begin wracking your mind; looking for an explanation as to why these people are looking at you the way they are. You can’t seem to think of anything. You hear someone behind you say, “Really? Does he have to do that here?” You immediately begin feeling insecure. You make your way back to your truck and start driving away. As you sit there, in the driver’s seat of your Chevy Silverado, reality begins to set in. People were judging you for doing something that seems so natural. You feel embarrassed, helpless, and ashamed. This is how breastfeeding mothers are made to feel in our society when they breastfeed in public. Shaming mothers who breastfeed in public is a serious issue which we cannot continue to ignore. In order to put a stop to this problem, we need to talk about the causes and effects, and the possible solutions to this problem.

Women who are shamed for breastfeeding in public switch to bottle feeding, pumping their milk and even hiding away in restrooms to avoid the shaming(“Breastfeeding in Public). Wendy Wisner was breastfeeding her baby in a New York Subway. An employee told her that if she wanted to continue doing that she had to excuse herself to the restroom, because it was indecent exposure. She said the employee made her feel extremely uncomfortable and violated, because she was called out in front of other people that were in the Subw...

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...s, causes, and effects of shaming breastfeeding mothers in public, it’s obvious there’s a problem. Even if you don’t agree with what they are doing you should never shame the mother. It’s her choice on how she wants to raise her baby. In her mind she’s just doing what’s best for him/her. Anytime you seem a mom being wrongly discriminated against go up to her and tell her that you support what she’s doing 100% . Just being supportive can a make a huge difference in the way she and the shamer feel. As for putting breastfeeding into high school health classes feel free to have a talk with your counselors and principal about adding breastfeeding to the curriculum. Surely they will be eager to help you. If you don’t want to be judged and shamed for a choice that’s only up to you to make, then don’t judge others for the choices they choose to make. You reap what you sew.

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