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Words are, if anything, parts of a machine. One can simply use a single word or many. Simple machines, like simple expressions rely on few parts hence “simple.” These machines and expressions fulfill the desired purpose, but lack emotion and distinction. On the other hand phrases filled with complexities yield a much more distinct articulation. Many people have an innate desire to know more than just the basics. For example, a completely colorblind woman asks a gentleman to describe what the day’s sky looked like. The man gazes at the sky for a moment and then replies, “It looks nice” In my opinion I don’t think the colorblind woman was satisfied with the man’s response. She desired the living words that could set her free. Whether the man was an emotional cripple, I can’t be sure of, but regardless he could’ve easily painted a more proper scene for the woman, unless of course, he himself was also colorblind. Although, it may seem a rather extreme example my intention is precise. People desire more than “It looks nice.” Regretfully, that was all I knew when I was a child.
Growing up I didn’t read books not because of content or because I couldn’t comprehend, I chalk it up to be nothing more than a generational trend. I grew up as it were in the age of technology. In other words who needed 300 page books with microscopic print and smells of decay when television shows were readily available and easy to access? The only fixation incumbent on the viewer was a stare that lasted roughly ten to fifteen minutes and then a five minute break was rewarded. I was an avid movie viewer as a child I rarely had taste for any television series though. Everyone turned on the “boob tube.” Where I was from, books were deemed as “old school”, o...

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...f have an infinite amount of differences, but what unites us is language and our desires to find living words. Words that are more than just letters jumbled together. We desire to know truth. The sky today is the color of cyan with increasing lightness as it reaches the horizon. In the midst of light and dark blues white wispy clouds dart across the sky from side to side and the glowing orange sun is a beacon of hope for all that feel its warmth.

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