It is Time for New Entrepreneur to Develop the Upper Management Essay

It is Time for New Entrepreneur to Develop the Upper Management Essay

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Jeff was an excellent entrepreneur, but now that the development of the product had started, and Palm would soon be launching the product, the first job that Jeff would need to do was to create an upper management. It was getting essential, as Jeff would otherwise be forced to do everything by himself, which would be disastrous. He was clearly good at designing and development of the product. His various market contacts, and his reputation in the market would mean that he would also be very effective at getting funding. With these two key activities addressed, he must now find one or more managers who would be willing to handle the other key areas namely sales and marketing, financing and a good liaison to communicate with other partnering industries. These key attributes would require immediate attention. Although he was also adept at financial matters, as he was making sound financial decisions, it would be too much for him to handle, and it’s a better idea to have someone to challenge your decision, specifically decisions that shape the company.
Next, as we now know, PDA would very well be the succeeded of mobile, it is clearly apparent that the impact of the device was something unheard of. The very fact that today, almost everyone uses these devices, shows that this device had a tremendous market. His vision was to create a device that was a rather simple device which “included an address directory, a personal calendar, a dictionary and a thesaurus, coupled with modest computing capabilities”. Even though this device may not possess complex processing like the cellular devices used now, this device had a tremendous impact on the market, and Jeff was well aware of that. The team’s next step would be to gauge the market size a...

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...f they so desired. This type of setting has both drawbacks and advantages. The drawback is obvious- you are handicapped without the company, but the advantage is that with good relations, you do not have to concentrate on certain aspects, like distribution, thus cutting costs. That being said, it is not advised to depend on someone completely for too long.
And finally I would like to advise him about the importance of development and invention. Several powerful upgrades are soon going to be up for grab, like the QWERTY keyboard, the sliding phones and flip phones, the touch, and finally android software. We can, from retrospection, see how important invention is in this industry, so I would advise Jeff to keep a good budget on research. And while it may sound impractical and statistically irregular, it is still one of the most important aspects of any tech industry.

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