It is the Owner of a Dog that Makes it Dangerous Essay

It is the Owner of a Dog that Makes it Dangerous Essay

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What has four legs and an arm? A happy pit bull. What happens when you cross a pit bull with a collie? A dog who bites your leg off, then goes for help. Contrary to tasteless jokes and public opinion, it is not the breed of dog that makes a dog dangerous, rather it is the owner of a dog that makes dogs dangerous.
But, let’s face it, there are certain dog breeds that demand their owners be aware of negative opinion; and it is the owners’ primary responsibility to implement careful training and socialization of their pups in order to bring an understanding and acceptance of the breed by the general public. The breeds currently labeled aggressive include Akita, Boxer, Chow, Dalmatian, Doberman, Alaskan Husky, American or Staffordshire Pit Bull, Presa Canario, and Rottweiler. These dogs are mid-size to large and generally muscular, with large heads. The responsible dog owner must help his dog, especially the so-called “aggressive” breed, learn how to cope and respond, in a healthy and acceptable manner, to the spectrum of people, animals, places and things he might encounter throughout his life. Dog obedience classes, regular visits to the vet, playtime with other dogs and regular walks outdoors will help the dogs (and their masters) develop confidence and ease. This goes a long way in helping them become resilient in the face of unsettling situations.
Unfortunately, many of the aggressive breeds, especially the pit bull, have been exploited by certain types of people, such as gang members and drug dealers who are using them as a "status symbol," to menace communities and intimidate rivals. This subculture has emerged in recent years following crackdowns on guns and knives. Then, there’s Michael Vick, former Atlanta Falcons’ qu...

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...f by others and suffered from neglect. As a result, she is apprehensive about strangers, so I monitor her behavior at all times.
One can imagine that there is a lot of hysteria with regard to those pit bulls who have attacked or killed people or other animals. It may seem practical to euthanize these dogs as rehabilitation is not always a practical option when people are hurt and grieving. However, it is not the breed that causes senseless acts of aggression; it is the acts of the dog’s master who is the underlying cause of the aggression. All dogs may bite, but dog bites can largely be prevented by proper training and management. Dogs can become aggressive out of frustration and dominance. “The frustration comes from a lack of exercise, and dominance occurs from the lack of strong, but calm leadership from its owner,” says Cesar Milan, the popular Dog Whisperer.

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