It Is Difficult Growing Up with 2 Languages Essays

It Is Difficult Growing Up with 2 Languages Essays

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I was living in the western part of Ghana. During the early 90s my parents migrated to the United Kingdom, whiles I was left in Ghana to live with my aunty. I had the privilege to learn English. As Twi been the most common language spoken in Ghana I was very glad to learn English as I knew that I would be joining my parents soon in the UK.
I came to join my parents four years after they migrated. I knew starting school would be a challenge, so my parents got me a personal tutor to help me boost up my English speaking and writing. I was able to speak fluent English, even though I did not understand most of the things that were said to me. By the time I reached secondary school I had already adapted the British accent.
Growing up with two different languages and accents was very hard because I had to decide between them two. Sometimes when I am speaking with my friends I see myself using my Ghanaian accent (style shifting) but then switching back to my British accent right after I realise in order to fit in with my friends.
At home, when my parents speak to me in my mother tongue I make sure I reply in the same dialect but being a forgetful person I sometimes reply back in English (style shifting). I find this very difficult because both my younger siblings were born here and speak English, so I have to speak both English and Twi at home.
Anytime that I go back to my country, I find myself running back to my Ghanaian English accent because I feel like they may not understand what I am saying. One advantage of speaking two languages is that it makes me feel like I fit in because anytime I am here in the UK I can speak clearly as long as going back to Ghana. Even though my parents speak Twi with me at home I still feel like I am forg...

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...s still found today, with urban accents such as Birmingham, Newcastle, Liverpool and Glasgow”. (Accessed on 06.02.2014 Example of Standard English could include I have never done this before whiles other people may say I ain’t done nothin this before
Although the Standard English is not really a language but it has been accepted over the years. It has developed over the years as it’s now used when you go into interviews, also politicians, poets and other novelist make the use of it. When compared to the Nigerian pidgin, even though they speak broken English but the still manage to converte to Standard English when it gets to looking a job as its spoken everywhere regardless to their main language. Apart from Nigerians speaking Pidgin English and writing them they may still believe that it is not professional

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