Essay on It Is At Dark Night

Essay on It Is At Dark Night

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It is at dark night. Clouds are covering the moon and ray of lights are trying to escape through the condensate clouds. It is a midnight. I’m thinking about the consequences that could turn my life around if It happens, what my family thinking it could happen. However, my family’s happiness is what I care the most.

My mother makes a turkey sandwich for me- it’s my favorite. It is one in the morning, everyone is sleeping; only my family is awakening and prepare to say goodbye to my mother, my grandma and me. Everyone is terrified and don’t know the outcome of something that is going to take place in the airport. We get in our cars and rode to the airport. While we were on our way, I had my turkey sandwich, and I’m staring at the sky and notice a dog roaming around the road like it has no family. The moon is hidden by the cloud. After a while, it starts to raining. My family think it is a bad omen. They freak out.

At last, we reach the airport. It is when my uncle calls me and said, “You have to do this. Only you can do it.” I’m still thinking about the dog in the street. Then I remember, I’m talking to my uncle over the phone and said, “Okay.” I hung up. We then went for our boarding passes. The guy over the counter ask me, “How old is my grandma?” I said concisely, “Ninety-five.” The guy is in disbelief. Luckily, we get our boarding pass and thought we were on the “safe zone.” However, it isn’t the case. We had to go through “Check-Up”area where police verifies you and ask you questions before you can go and get on the airplane. My mom start worrying and my grandma is reciting verses from the holy book. As our line is moving forward, my mother is getting more and more freaking out and my grandma is reciting verses loudly. Mean...

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...t our languages and tell us we are safe to enter the USA.” I’m confused but happy. My mother watch as walking toward her and I tell her, “let’s go home.” My mother is happy and kisses me to my cheek.

We get out and saw our family waiting. My family is delighted. My uncle grab me by his shoulder and tell me, “you’re such a risk-taker. I’m so proud of you. That’s when I stop thinking about the dog. We went out and the first thing I notice that it is a beautiful day. The sky is clear and the sun is shining bright. While, we were on our way home, I peek outside and notice a girl running with a dog. The dog seems happy. I finally get my answer of why am I keep thinking about the dog. Family is really an important thing for all the living things. Without a family, a species can go extinct or an individual can die miserably. I’ve always care for my family and always will.

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