It Is Acceptable to Use Animals for Resarch Essay

It Is Acceptable to Use Animals for Resarch Essay

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There has been always a debate on the use of the animals in the biomedical research and experimentation. They are being used in this field for centuries now and have proved very beneficial and contributed in medical research far more than expected. With use of animals in research, the medical field has greatly advanced. But in these experiments a large number of animals are killed and animals have to suffer a lot of pain and distress. Considering these pros and corns the question arises, should animals be used in experimentation? Though a large number of animals are being used and sometimes killed in these kinds of experiments but these experiments has advanced the medical field. Animal testing has contributed too many life-saving treatments and cures and there is no satisfactory alternative to testing on a living, physical whole-body system. Moreover, animals are appropriate research subjects because they are similar to human beings in many ways (genetically, common ancestors, same set of organs etc.) Animals must be used in cases when ethical considerations prevent the use of human subjects. Animal research is highly regulated, with laws in place to protect animals from mistreatment. From this type of experimentation animals also take advantage. Keeping in view all these points, answer to the question is clear. Yes, animals should be used in bio-medical research and experimentation.
With the advancement in the world civilization and the passing of the world into the modern world, there is also a progression in the medical field and man has identified many new medicines and developed many of the old medicines into more efficient medical ointments and also has established several new methods of treatment and alleviation of the hu...

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