It Happened One Night Won Five Most Prestigious Acacemy Awards Essay example

It Happened One Night Won Five Most Prestigious Acacemy Awards Essay example

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The film "It Happened One Night" is a landmark in the history of cinema because it became the first film that won the Academy Awards in the five most prestigious nominations. Since then, only two movies were able to repeat his success, namely "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" and "Silence of the Lambs." In contrast to those dramatic genre films, the movie "It Happened One Night" is a romantic comedy in 1934 with Claudette Colbert and Clark Gable in the lead roles. As well as in any other love story, the main characters are constantly hampered by many obstacles on the way to the happiness. The film "It Happened One Night" not an exception; mutual hostility, marriage, and misunderstandings hinder Peter and Ellie from getting together.
One of the major barriers between protagonists is the mutual dislike that arose from the first minutes of their acquaintance. Harassing Ellie in place, Peter Worn shows himself rude, discourteous, and sufficiently brash individual. In turn, Ellie prefers to reject his help to throw suitcase on the top shelf and shows her arrogance when Peter trying to take away her suitcase from a thief. It is obvious that attempting to hide the fact who she really is, Ellie is forced be a tough and taciturn, and therefore Peter had an impression of Ellie as "ungrateful brat". Moreover, Warne blackmails daughter of a millionaire, that he would tell her about the location of her father if she does not give him an exclusive interview, which naturally cannot cause sympathy of Ellie. Such hostility to one another primarily relates to the significantly difference between the protagonists in social status, upbringing, and behavior. Unlikely that under ordinary circumstances, people who are so opposed would have the chance t...

... middle of paper ... that the reporter just wants to receive his reward of ten thousand dollars. However, they have made premature conclusions about Peter's covetousness because he has made the bill for just thirty-nine dollars and sixty cents. Such misunderstanding would never has happened if the protagonists did not hide the feelings and expressed their thoughts and assumptions to each other.
All barriers and obstacles, such as mutual dislike, marriage and misunderstandings are were symbolized in a sufficiently tangible improvised "Walls of Jericho" between the protagonists of the film "It Happened One Night." Having overcome all these challenges, Peter and Ellie finally found their love and ruined this "wall" in the final scene. The moral of this film is that if two people are really meant for each other, there is nothing impossible that would to prevent them from being together.

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