Essay IT Gadgets and Student Lifestyle

Essay IT Gadgets and Student Lifestyle

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Many forms of IT gadget(s) exist in this rapid change of technology. With so many IT gadget(s) are created, it can be difficult to look at every forms in this study. Thus, the following review of literature focuses mainly on the effects of smart-phones, tablets and notebooks bring to college student lifestyle. The terms of student lifestyle can be breakdown into three parts, which are education, health and social life.
Past research had identified the effects of excessive time usage of IT gadget(s) on university students. The IT gadget(s) no doubt has brought some benefits but also effect on student’s psychological and physical well-being. However, in terms of health, less research from previous support that the gadget(s) bring benefits. Prior research discussed the eye sight problem, back problem and sleeping pattern that affected by the gadget(s) abuse.
Gadget(s) are the new age mantra. The usage of the gadget(s) are increasing because more individuals use it for the purpose of making life easier, while some use it for purpose of getting entertainment as well as fun .(Verma, n.d.) According to a well known Ophthalmologist from Kohinoor hospital, Dr Kalpesh Shah says that the gadget(s) are damaging the eyes due to the ultra violet rays from it. The continuously use of gadget(s) would cause variety of vision of ailments. In addition, he also identify that the problems not only cause by the continuously using of gadget(s) but also the improper viewing angles and habits. Dr Kalpesh Shah states that the invention of notebook has changed the working environment nowadays. Most of the employees would work for a longer duration in front of notebook. And, it definitely would cause eyes dryness. He also mentions the effects of youth gen...

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...ber 2013]

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