It Doesn't Take a Cape or Superpowers to Be a Hero Essay

It Doesn't Take a Cape or Superpowers to Be a Hero Essay

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The former Govenor of Alabama Bob Riley proclaimed, “Hard times don't create heroes. It is during the hard times when the 'hero' within us is revealed.” The stereotypical image of a hero is a man running around in brightly colored tights with a cape rippling in the wind while they save the world frome evil forces. However, a more realistic image of a hero is in the acts and deeds of ordinary human beings. Some wear suits to work, and some wear protective gear. Others wear dresses, and still others are putting their spiderman lunch boxes into their Power Rangers backpacks. Similar to the fictional superheroes many look up to, these real life heroes have superpowers of their own in the form of characteristics and values. A true hero is simply a regular person who has inspirational moments and always puts the needs of others before their own. First, a hero will always do the right thing, even if they may be afraid. When difficult circumstances appear, a hero will always be able to push passed them and never give up. Lastly, being able to provide leadership to the people of their community is something a hero should be capable of. Ultimately, a a true hero does not fit the apparent image of superhero.
If there is a choice between easy and difficult, a true hero will always choose whats right, even if it costs them their life. An example of this couragous behavior is when Victoria Soto, a teacher who taught at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Conneticut, and many other faculty members tried to protect children in the school when Adam Lanza began shooting. “Victoria Soto, 27, was trying to get her students to hide in closets and cabinets when the gunman entered her classroom, which was near the location where the gunfi...

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...hange in society.
A hero is a man, women, or child who has inspirational characteristics and puts the well being of others in front of their own. A true hero will always manage to help others, even if they are scared themselves. Even through life’s barriers, a true hero is able to live their life and inspire others. A true hero will act with integerity and leadership despite the potential consequences that could follow. With everyday heroes, there is no special clothing to tell them apart. A superhero has a specific look that can be easily identified. For example, the man in blue tights with a red cape and “S” on his chest is superman. An everyday hero is wearing the same clothes as everyone else. There is no visually distinguishing trait that would allow a person to t

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