Essay on IT Consultation for Mr. Green

Essay on IT Consultation for Mr. Green

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There are many differences between Windows 7 Home Premium and Windows 7 Ultimate which Mr. Green can use to be able to network the workstations. However depending on the size of Mr. Green office, he may want to consider Windows 7 Enterprise because it has a volume licensing in which he will be covered if he decides to add more computers to the network with Windows 7. The other features in Ultimate will allow Mr. Green to have network support and connect the computers together to share files and printers. Mr. Green will need to be area of the capabilities of Ultimate is that people will be needing to use a password to log into the computer for the Active Directory domain system, Mr. Green would also need to decide if he wants people to use remote desktop into servers and he will be able to setup offline files for people to work out of if the network goes down. Ultimate does have a five year support from Microsoft if there are any issues.
When setting up a network for a company, its best to plan ahead for future expansions. One concern with Ultimate is that it only has a five year product support in which then he have to upgrade his computers or if he cannot afford to at that time to upgrade, Mr. Green have to be without support from Microsoft if there are any issues. If Mr. Green does not have any IT people, this could cost him a more money down the road to hire contractor to fix computers when there is a problem with Windows 7 once the Microsoft support expires. Mr. Green may want to look into Enterprise because of the volume licensing otherwise with Ultimate, he have to buy a licensing for each new computer installed and have a 10 year service support from Microsoft.
There are different ways of upgrading Home Premium to Ult...

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... party software to do the same. Permissions can let people only read the file, others give modify to be able to edit a files, and the last is full permission which gives the ability to create, edit, and delete. The other issue with using FAT, it is limited to the size it can create partitions, NTFS does not have the disk size limitation.

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