Essay on The Issues Within Transgender Discrimination

Essay on The Issues Within Transgender Discrimination

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This lack of acceptance tends to find black transgender people more prone to discrimination than any other race group in the community (Moodie-Mills). Due to lack of acceptance, most black transgendered Americans undergo complex vulnerabilities (Moodie-Mills). It is necessary to find policy solutions that will empower black transgender people rather than hinder them in the community (Moodie-Mills).
Another trivial issue within transgender discrimination is workplace discrimination. Gay and transgendered individuals continue to face widespread discrimination in the workplace (Burns). Studies have shown that almost ninety percent of transgendered workers report some form of harassment or mistreatment on the job (Burns). Workplace abuse poses an immediate threat to the economic security of transgender workers (Burns). The passing of the Employment Non-Discrimination act, or ENDA can help ease the troubles of workplace discrimination for members of the LGBT community (Burns). The passing of the ENDA will help ensure that all Americans are judged in the workplace based off of their skills, qualifications, and quality of their work (Burns). The Williams institute on Sexual Orientation and Law and Public Policy conducted a number of surveys to determine the extent of discrimination transgender people faced in the workplace (Burns). According to their findings, eight percent to seventeen percent of LGBT workers reported being passed over or fired from a job because of sexual orientation or gender identity (Burns). Seven percent to forty-one percent of LGBT workers were verbally or physically abused or had their workplace vandalized (Burns). The study also showed straight coworkers attesting to the presence of discrimination and harassm...

... middle of paper ... going through (Raising Ryland). For the family that seemed to be the hardest part. They explained how they lost some support, but also have had a lot of support (Raising Ryland). The family continues to raise Ryland the best they know how as a transgender little boy (Raising Ryland). They explained there are a lot of people who support them, but there are also a lot who still judge, which is the hardest part for them (Raising Ryland). Ryland’s story is one that many families face who are raising transgendered kids.
In the end, transgender discrimination is an issue in America that needs to be brought to light. Equality, and justice for all is something this country was built on and fighting to end transgender discrimination should be a part of that. If you or anyone you know is dealing with transgender discrimination never cease to seek help in dealing with it.

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