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Issues With Public Schools Essay

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Issues with Public Schools
Public schools are available to everyone and have been around for a very long time. Unfortunately, throughout the years we have seen how ineffective they are and many of the problems students face while attending these schools. Some of the problems with public schools include graduation rates, absences, social class differences and many more. In When Millennials Rule: The Reshaping of America, David Cahn and Jack Cahn write to people working in the government about many of the issues millennials face and what our thought on them are. In chapter nine, “Better Schools: Investing in Our Future,” they focus on education where they mention public schools and give reasons as to why they need to be removed. Although not all public schools have these issues and some even show positive results, most of them are hurting student’s learning. In this essay I will analyze and evaluate Cahn and Cahn’s chapter on education by using multiple sources to support their claim that public schools have several issues that weakened the quality of education being provided to students.
As Cahn and Cahn introduce their reader to the idea of school choice in chapter nine, they dive into some of the reasons why many schools fail to educate students. They argue that public schools are a “failing system” that needs to be replaced, and that through school choice parents have the opportunity to send their children to a better school (183). It is obvious that Cahn and Cahn, like many other millennials, believe that public schools are not competitive enough, which ultimately reduces the level of education being taught in them; since public schools are not focusing on improving, many students are not challenged. Thus, they put less effor...

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...t show outstanding results.
These texts do a great job supporting and providing evidence for Cahn and Cahn’s argument. Although they were not written to serve that purpose, they all relate and give evidence showing some of the many issues with public schools. By analyzing these texts, we can connect them back to Cahn and Cahn to see if millennial’s opinion on public schools is supported by facts and if other people agree with them. Millennials, by focusing on their self-preservation and that of future generations, seek to make a change in our current education system in order to ensure that everybody has the opportunity to succeed. These texts also help show that millennials have the support of many people to make change happen, but it is just a matter of fact of whether they know how to use this support to convince our government that public schools need to change.

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